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Individual Partnership

Our Flexible Partnership Programme

We greatly appreciate your interest in learning more about our company and what our flexible part-time contract offer entitles.
At Kanji Oil & Gas LTD, Our vision is to provide the very best of our services to our customers both in the local and international market. Due to our complex and vast mode of operations and also from present research we have find it necessary to contribute to the society through our flexible part-time offer currently going on.
Kanji Oil & Gas LTD has approximately 72 ongoing projects around the globe employing over 20,000-part time contract representatives annually to help handle and control the activities of our customer based in their region. While we look forward to establishing representative office and sales centers in the North America, Until these centers are established, we need a reliable and trusted company or individual (irrespective of the business type) that will stand as an intermediary or representative between our customers in your country and Kanji Oil & Gas LTD. Hence, we wish to contract your enterprise as our “representative” in Canada, USA and North America in General.
Your onus will be to assist Kanji Oil & Gas LTD to maintain business relationship with our customers by communicating and retrieve overdue payments from our customers in Canada and United States(North America in General). As we have a good number of outstanding customers from your region that have not met with the normal payment schedule of 30 days after receipt of products delivered to them in good condition.
Based on our research and past experience, we have discovered that having a representative in the same region with our customers makes it easier for them to comply and pay in due time. This is why we require a Representative in the Canada, USA and North America in General who can easily communicate and maintain this business relationship with our customers via emails and telephone means only.
As this contract offer attracts a good commissions and monthly pay. Thereby having two categories of registration or partnership to best suit your choice of taking up the position.
The two categories of registration when taking up this offer is as follows:-
i)  Individual Partnership
ii) Corporate Partnership
Further more the difference between this two categories of applying is best outlined below.
Individual Partnership: The individual partnership is open to those reliable persons and or individuals who wishes to represent our interest on an individual basis.
Corporate Partnership: While the Corporate partnership is open for Companies and or company owners who wish to register their company with us to represent our interest.
As this representative partnership is independent of career or business type and does not require much time and no travelling is involved, Also be informed that the difference between this categories of registration/partnership is in the percent commissions and monthly pay that will be allocated to those registered either as and individual or a company partnership, As the various pay entitled to those who fall or register under any of the categories are outlined in the compensations for these contract.


Individual Partnership:
As compensation for this service, you will be entitled to 6% commission of every completed transaction (i.e. 6% of every payment received, processed and remitted less your commission), plus $2,500 monthly allowance to cover out-of-Pocket expenses such as telephone bill, fax, etc.
Corporate Partnership:
As compensation for this service, the company will be entitled to 8% commission of every completed transaction (i.e. 8.5% of every payment received, processed and remitted less your commission), plus $4,000 monthly allowance to cover out of pocket expenses.
Below is the registration form, please complete the form as per your choice of registration or partnership and submit in other to forward you with our company MOU/Engagement Letter for review and signature.
Please Note: That your information will not be shared or release to a third party at any point in time except on your request and this information will be will be kept confidential and will be used only for this contract related issues.
Please provide us with the following information for registration purposes only.
  • Individual Partnership Registration Form